Carpet re-stretching Gold Coast

Do you have ripples through your carpet? Does your carpet require re-stretching?
We specialise in carpet re-stretching and can make your rippled and wavy carpet look like new again. We have had many customers over the years believe that the need to replace their carpet because it has ripples but this is simply not the case. David’s Carpet Repairs use the latest carpet re-stretching equipment. We use modern power stretches and mini stretcher tools and can easily remove the waves and ripples in your carpet to make it look like it did when it was first laid.

We offer the complete carpet re-stretching service and will move all furniture, re-stretch the carpet and then put all the furniture back into their original position. Many elderly people are unable to move heavy furniture around so we provide this service as part of our complete carpet re-stretching service.

How carpet get ripples and requires carpet re-stretching

There are a few reasons why carpet gets ripples and rippled carpet is generally caused by a previously poor installation, prolonged exposure to heat and high levels of constant traffic. Ripples in your carpet can cause tripping hazards and this is particularly dangerous for the elderly where they could potentially take a nasty fall.

David’s Carpet repairs have been in the carpet business for over 30 years and offer affordable prices and a professional service. We specialise in all types of carpet repairs and our carpet re-stretching service is our most popular carpet repair service.

Save thousands on carpet replacement and have your carpet re-stretched. Get in contact with David’s Carpet Repairs for a free quote today and let us perform our carpet re-stretching service. Have your carpet looking great again with David’s Carpet Repairs. The Gold Coast’s #1 carpet repair specialists. Call us on 0455 558 747 or send us a message on our contact form.


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