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Carpet Re-Stretching Gold Coast

Whatever your carpet problem is, we can likely solve it for an affordable price.

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    Why does my carpet have ripples?
    There are a few reasons why this occurs and the most common question asked is ‘How does it happen?

    Reason 1
    Poor installation and not stretched tightly enough when the carpet is installed.

    Reason 2
    Heat. If your home is locked up during the day the temperature of your home will rise and most carpets have a Latex backing which may stretch over time and create ripples throughout.

    Reason 3
    High volume traffic. Carpet ripples may form throughout traffic walkway areas and even office roller chairs used over time can cause the carpet to loosen causing rippling.

    Also, there may be loose carpet edging and the carpet cannot grip securely. We can replace or refit any loose carpet edging to rectify this problem.

    As you can see there are quite a few reasons why your carpet can become loose and have ripples and why re-stretching is required. This can become a safety issue or trip hazard. The carpet can wear out much quicker, not to mention an unsightly looking carpet.

    How can we fix these problems?
    At David’s Carpet Repairs we have the most modern equipment available to re-stretch your carpet. Power stretchers and Mini stretchers will ensure your carpet is looking great again.

    First we take the carpet up along the edges of affected areas, re-tighten carpet using either a carpet gripper, power stretcher or mini stretcher, cut off excess carpet and re-install carpet back onto smooth edge. The result is a smoother fresher looking carpet.

    We can also move and replace any furniture if needed so there is minimal upheaval in the process.

    Carpet re-stretching is one of the most common problems we fix at David’s Carpet Repairs.

    We have been fixing carpet problems throughout the Gold Coast area for 30 years with 100% workmanship guarantee. So either call or contact us for a free obligation free quote at a fair price.

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    Whatever your carpet problem is, we can likely solve it for an affordable price!
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    Our Carpet Repair Services

    • Pet Damage

    • Iron Burns

    • Cigarette Burns

    • Sun Damage

    • ​New Finishing Trims

    • Pulling Away from Tiles

    • Pot Plant Damage

    • ​Fraying Carpet

    • ​Carpet Pull

    • ​Split Seams

    • Re-stretching​

    • Loose Carpet on Stairs

    • Stain Removal

    Why Choose us?

    We can repair all types of carpet damage. Pet damaged carpets, iron and cigarette burns, sun damaged carpet, pot plant damage, fraying carpet, split seams, loose carpet, carpet stains and more.

    David’s Carpet Repairs specialise in repairing damaged carpets throughout the Gold Coast region. With over 30 years experience solving carpet problems we can repair your carpet and save you the expense of replacing large areas of carpet. Why put up with damaged carpets when we can promise you a great service at a fair price.

    David is the owner of David’s Carpet Repairs and is a fully qualified carpet installer who specialises in repairing damaged carpets. He has been solving carpet problems for many real estate property managers, unit managers and the general public throughout the Gold Coast area. If you are searching for “professional carpet repair Gold Coast”, we are who you are looking for.

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