Carpet Stretching Gold Coast

Carpet stretching is required when carpet becomes loose and forms ripples, waves and lumps in your carpet. This carpet repair process is one that David does on almost a daily basis. It is quite common and occurs for a number of reasons.

These reasons include, poorly laid carpet when the installer has not stretched the carpet enough, high traffic areas, excessive exposure to sunlight and high levels of humidity,

Loose carpet and rippled carpet doesn’t only look bad, but it creates tripping hazards that can be especially detrimental to the health of the elderly and people with disabilities. David’s Carpet Repairs use special power stretching tools that stretch the ripples and buckles out of your carpet.

This carpet stretching process involves the removal of furniture from the affected room and the carpet stretched so all ripples, waves and lumps in the carpet are pulled out. The excess carpet is trimmed and the carpet edge is re-fastened to the tack strip. Carpet stretching is usually quite a fast repair.

Re-stretching loose carpet not only eliminates tripping hazards and improves the appearance of carpet, but by stretching loose carpet and removing the ripples and waves you extend the life of your carpet.

When should I get my carpet stretched?

Getting your carpet stretched and restored early is important in preventing the carpet to get worse and minimising the damage that can be caused by continually walking over the loose areas. Dust and dirt can settle in the low areas between the waves and ripples in your carpet causing unnecessary and easily avoidable wear.

Don’t spend money on new carpet and contact David at David’s Carpet Repairs today and organise to have your loose carpet re-stretched. With over 30 years’ experience repairing carpets. You will be glad you chose David. Contact David today.

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