Loose Carpet Repairs Gold Coast

Do you require loose carpet repairs on your carpet? David’s Carpet Repairs specialise in the repair off loose carpet and have over 30 years’ experience repairing carpet.

David’s Carpet Repairs service the Gold Coast area and are able to restore your loose carpet and remove ripples and waves that can form when carpet becomes loose.

Loose carpet causes trip hazards and makes the appearance of the carpet unpleasing to look at and when not repaired in a timely manner can also accelerate the wear of carpet. Loose carpet should be repaired as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary wear.

David’s Carpet Repairs use a special tool called a power stretcher that re-stretches carpet and removes all waves, lumps and ripples so it looks great again. Excess carpet is trimmed from the edges and the carpet is re-fastened to the tack strips.

Re-stretching carpet that comes loose is a repair service that David is an expert at. There wouldn’t be many people on the Gold Coast that has the experience that David has in this repair service.

David will remove the furniture, stretch the carpet then place all the furniture back in their original position. Do you have loose carpet on your stairs? This is common as stairs generally get a lot of traffic and the feet can push the carpet horizontally, over time this can lead the carpet to become loose. David can repair the loose carpet on your stairs too,

David provides the complete carpet repair service that has gained him a great reputation on the Gold Coast as has him recognised as a leader in carpet repairs.

Ripples in carpet can be caused from a number of things including poor installation, high levels of moisture and humidity and high levels of constant traffic. By delaying the repair and stretching of your loose carpet you can increase the rate in which the carpet deteriorates. This is why it is important to have your carpet re-stretched and repaired as soon as you become aware that your carpet has become loose.

Don’t waste your money on new carpet and save thousands by restoring your damaged carpet.
Contact David today for a free quote on his loose carpet repairs service.


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