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Pet Damage Carpet Repairs Gold Coast

Whatever your carpet problem is, we can likely solve it for an affordable price.

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    Pet Damage Carpet Repairs

    Pet damage to carpet is a very common problem and a service we carry out often.

    Here at David’s Carpet Repairs we love all animals but we can be reminded that every now and again they do not want to stay in the room they are supposed to and unlike us humans they are unable to open the door to get out, so their way is to try and dig their way out.

    The most common pet damaged carpet is when either a cat or dog tries to get out of a room and rips the carpet along the doorway. If spare carpet is available we can use this to carry out the repair, otherwise we can take carpet from either a cupboard or robe.

    How will this look?
    As long as the carpet that has the damage is in sound condition and the spare carpet is the same the end result will be a professional finish.

    Depending on the spare carpet available there may be a slight colour variation initially due to the original carpet having faded and the spare carpet appearing newer, however this will blend over time and will be a vast improvement from the pet damaged carpet.

    This can save you the expense of replacing the carpet with new carpet.

    Another common problem is pulls in the carpet from cat’s claws which can be trimmed or weaved back into the carpet depending on the type of carpet pile.

    How much will this cost?
    A photo of the damaged section of carpet can be sent to us via our website or by SMS and we can provide an approximate cost to carry out the repair. Once we arrive on site we can confirm the cost which will be a fair price and carry out the repairs.

    All Pet Damage Carpet Repairs will be carried out by David who is a qualified carpet layer with 30 years experience and 100% workmanship guarantee, so contact David now and put your mind at ease.

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    Whatever your carpet problem is, we can likely solve it for an affordable price!
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    Our Carpet Repair Services

    • Pet Damage

    • Iron Burns

    • Cigarette Burns

    • Sun Damage

    • ​New Finishing Trims

    • Pulling Away from Tiles

    • Pot Plant Damage

    • ​Fraying Carpet

    • ​Carpet Pull

    • ​Split Seams

    • Re-stretching​

    • Loose Carpet on Stairs

    • Stain Removal

    Why Choose us?

    We can repair all types of carpet damage. Pet damaged carpets, iron and cigarette burns, sun damaged carpet, pot plant damage, fraying carpet, split seams, loose carpet, carpet stains and more.

    David’s Carpet Repairs specialise in repairing damaged carpets throughout the Gold Coast region. With over 30 years experience solving carpet problems we can repair your carpet and save you the expense of replacing large areas of carpet. Why put up with damaged carpets when we can promise you a great service at a fair price.

    David is the owner of David’s Carpet Repairs and is a fully qualified carpet installer who specialises in repairing damaged carpets. He has been solving carpet problems for many real estate property managers, unit managers and the general public throughout the Gold Coast area. If you are searching for “professional carpet repair Gold Coast”, we are who you are looking for.

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