Rippled Carpet Repairs Gold Coast

Wavy and rippled carpet? Do you have loose carpet that requires restretching? David’s Carpet Repairs specialise in repairing wavy and rippled carpet and can restretch your carpet and restore it so that the carpet is no longer loose and looks like it did when it was first installed.
Carpet can come loose for a number of reasons including high traffic, moisture and poor installation. Fortunately this is an easy fix for David’s Carpet Repairs and they can re-stretch your carpet and get rid of the waves and lumps that is caused from loose carpet.

David will relocate all furniture in the affected room and by using a special carpet stretching tool, will stretch the carpet, cut off any excess carpet and refix it to the tack strip that runs alongside the walls of your home.

David’s Carpet Repairs have been repairing carpets for over 30 years and are the Gold Coasts leaders in carpet repairs. No matter what carpet repair is required, David’s Carpet Repairs are the experts at it.
Rippled, wavy and lumpy carpet is one of David’s most common repairs and it’s a job that he does on almost a daily basis. And is not as expensive as you may think.

Not only is loose carpet an eye sore, but it is also a tripping hazard and this can be particularly dangerous for the elderly and for people with disabilities.
By delaying the repair of loose carpet you can accelerate the decline in the condition of the carpet as dirt and dust will settle in the bottom of the waves in the carpet and increase the deterioration of the carpet.

Don’t waste thousands of dollars on new carpet and get your carpet repaired with David’s Carpet Repairs. David services the Gold Coast and can provide you with a quote over the phone. Alternatively you can request a quote for loose carpet repairs by using the online enquiry form found here. Check out David’s reviews on Google and read what his happy customers have to say about David’s Carpet repair services here.


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