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Sun Damaged Carpet Repairs Gold Coast

Whatever your carpet problem is, we can likely solve it for an affordable price.

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    Sun Damaged Carpet Repairs

    Direct sunlight over time will rot the carpet causing the backing to disintegrate and the carpet pile to fall out due to the backing breaking down. These ultra violet rays from the sun cause the carpet to decompose and become unsightly and thread bare.

    To detect how far the sun damaged carpet has gone you can run your hand over the carpet and normally a crunching sound can be heard from the back of the carpet which is a tell tale sign that it is time to replace the damaged section.

    Also when the carpet is being vacuumed the pile can come away. Many customers think that the carpet is being eaten by carpet beetles due to the missing pile. However this is not usually the case as most carpets are treated in the manufacturing process to guard against carpet beetle.

    This is a common problem and can go unnoticed over time and can even take years to eventually permanently damaged the carpet.

    How it can be fixed?
    Sun damaged carpet has to be cut out and replaced utilising spare carpet, if available. If no spare carpet is available we can take carpet from a robe or cupboard and replace the damaged section. This way the carpet is the same dye batch and will blend in over time.

    We can also supply and install similar carpet to replace the donor carpet from the cupboard if need be. This is often the case in rental situations as we carry out many repairs for Property Managers throughout the Gold Coast.

    Another option is to have tiles fitted where the damaged section is and we can refit the carpet around the edge of the new tiles. This alleviates any future sun damage. If you require sun damaged carpet repairs, please contact us to receive a free quote. We offer a professional service and offer affordable rates.

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    Whatever your carpet problem is, we can likely solve it for an affordable price!
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    We can repair all types of carpet damage. Pet damaged carpets, iron and cigarette burns, sun damaged carpet, pot plant damage, fraying carpet, split seams, loose carpet, carpet stains and more.

    David’s Carpet Repairs specialise in repairing damaged carpets throughout the Gold Coast region. With over 30 years experience solving carpet problems we can repair your carpet and save you the expense of replacing large areas of carpet. Why put up with damaged carpets when we can promise you a great service at a fair price.

    David is the owner of David’s Carpet Repairs and is a fully qualified carpet installer who specialises in repairing damaged carpets. He has been solving carpet problems for many real estate property managers, unit managers and the general public throughout the Gold Coast area. If you are searching for “professional carpet repair Gold Coast”, we are who you are looking for.

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